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The Spanish Tanners Confederation is the representative body of the Spanish Tanning Industry whose origins date back to 1978.

The Confederation is made up by four Tanners Associations of Spain: Unió d´Adobadors de Catalunya, the Asociación Interregional de Industrias Curtidoras, the Asociación Local de Fabricantes de Curtidos de Lorca and the Asociación Regional de Empresarios de Curtidos.

The aims of CEC-FECUR are to represent, defend, promote and manage the interests of the Spanish tanning industry before Authorities, Administration and other public and private bodies.

The members of the Spanish Tanners Confederation are, also members of another Association that complement its activities: the Leather Industry Association of Spain for Foreign Trade - ACEXPIEL .

132 companies are members of the Spanish Tanners Confederation. By Autonomous Regions Catalonia has 63 companies, Valencia with 36 companies, Murcia with 15, Madrid with 3 companies and 15 companies are distributed between other Regions.

The main activities developed by CEC-FECUR are:


- Employers sectorial representation of the Tanning Industry in Spain.
- Industry support before national, communitarian and international bodies.

Labour Area:

- Union trade relations and sectorial collective bargaining.
- Legal advice in the implementation of the sectorial collective bargaining.
- Resolution of enquiries by the Fair Trade Comission.

Training Area:

- Management of Training Sectorial Plan.
- Organisation of Seminars and Informative Sessions.

Commercial Promotion:

- Negotiation and management of the Sectorial Plan of Exchange Trade for the Tanning Industry.
- Paperwork in subsidies to activities in Exchange Trade.
- Organisation of Spanish Pavilions supported by the Export Sectorial Plan.
Organisation of trade missions and studies.


- Follow up of the environmental laws and defence of the tanning rights before new regulatory development in this subject.
- Services of tests, analysis and reports carried out by AIICA and INESCOP.


- Informative Circulars related to environmental, standarization, trade policy and hides and skin improvement matters and other important items to the sector.
- Access to sectorial information like Reports, Studies and Statistics on the leather sector, offers and demands, etc.


- Participation in European Union Programmes.
- Follow up and vigilance of the correct use of LEATHER like trademark.
- Follow up and vigilance in the fulfilling the regulations in International Trade in the leather sector (raw materials and leather products export restrictions)

The Spanish Council of Tanners belongs to the International Council of Tanners - ITC, to the Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community - COTANCE and to the International Hide and Allied Trades Improvement Society - IHATIS.

The Goverment bodies are the General Assembly, the Council and the Presidence. The Council is made up of 15 members that are elected annually.

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