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Bringing experience since 1978

We are an organization representing Spanish companies in the tanning sector.

Its origins, on the one hand, go back to 1978, with the creation of the Spanish Council of Tanners that from 2002 changed its name to CEC-FECUR until in 2010 its functions were assumed by ACEXPIEL.

ACEXPIEL was create at 1989 to promote foreign trade, until 2010 when ACEXPIEL concentrated its external promotion and employer functions. The objectives of ACEXPIEL are to represent, defend, promote and manage the professional, economic and social interests of associated companies, authorities, administrations and other public and private entities.

ACEXPIEL belongs to the International Council of Tanners – ICT ,  The Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community – COTANCE and  LEATHER NATURALLY.

Our services and activities


  • Before the public administrations, sectorial and international bodies
  • Defending the general interests of the industry


  • Negotiation of the sector’s collective bargaining agreement
  • Advisory role in the application of the collective agreement
  • Resolution of consultations from the Joint commission


  • Managing the Sectorial plan on training for the tanners
  • Establishing and organizing informative sessions and training


  • Compliance of the environmental legislation and defense of the sector’s interests before new regulations that could affect the industry

Overseas development

  • Negotiation and management of the Foreign Trade sectorial plan for the tanning industry that funnels resources and subsidies for the overseas development of the tanning sector
  • Organizing of trade missions and foreign market analysis
  • Processing subsidies for overseas promotional activities
  • Group participation at trade shows with subsidies through the Exports Sectorial Plan.


  • Information circulars regarding legislation topics, promotions and other topics of special interest for the sector
  • Access to data and information of relevance for the sector: reports, studies, statistics, commercial information regarding offer and demand


  • Participation programmes developed by the European Union
  • Monitoring and surveillance of the compliance of foreign trade law with regard to the leather and tanning sector (retaining of raw material at origin; limitations to the export of finished articles)

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