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A tribute from the Spanish Tanning Industry to Mr Silvino Navarro Vidal

Nobody doubts that the tanner by excellence of the Valencian industry was born in Monóvar, Alicante, in 1927.  Graduated in chemical engineering and specialised in the tanning and leather technology in the Escuela de Tenería de Igualada  (Leather and Tanning Institute, Igualada), Mr Silvino Navarro passed away on 28th of March  at the age of 93 in Valencia.

He dedicated all of his professional career to make bovine hides into a desired, innovative and sustainable material, and as such the founder of the bovine tanning sector in Spain, which initiated his international trajectory.

Mr Silvino Navarro Vidal, with an astonishing and recognized career, presided leading tanneries such as Industrias del Curtido (INCUSA), founded in 1952, Dercosa, set up in 1972 and Tenerías Omega, established in 1989. His ties to the leather and tanning industry do not end there, since Mr Navarro Vidal also held the position of president and vice-president of the Consejo Español de Curtidores (Council of Spanish Tanners) from 1978 to 1982

Vice-president of the Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community (COTANCE) during the period 1990 t0 1994, Honorary President of the Regional Association of Tanning Enterprises (AREC) in 1990, Mr Silvino Navarro Vidal also had a highly active life outside the industry and within other, founded the   Jaime I Awards for Investigation, Economy, Environmental and Clinical Medicine, and founding member of the Spanish Confederation of Business associations (CEOE), within others.  Last, but not least, in 2017 the Generalitat Valenciana  awarded Mr Silvino Navarro Vidal with the Distinción al Merito Empresarial y Social ( Distinction to Professional and Social Trajectory), officially recognising his contribution to the representation and promotion of the Valencia business sector.

Mr Silvino Navarro Vidal leaves behind two sons, Mr Silvino and Alberto Navarro Casanova, both of whom have followed in the footsteps of such a great man as Mr Silvino Navarro Vidal.

Mr Silvino Navarro Vital may have left us, but his legacy and his passion will remain with us forever.   May he rest in peace.